We won't let you go it alone. Craftworks has beginning and advanced classes on all of our equipment and techniques. We'll be happy to train you on the equipment right when you come in, but for a more in depth training you can sign up for our classes. You can even become a Master Craftsman!

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Screen Printing I – The Basics

Come learn all the basics of screen printing. How it works, basic techniques, simple 2 color printing using a premade design template. After this class, you will be able to print any design on any t-shirt, bag, or hoodie.

Screen Printing II – Transfer Method

Screen printing is a versatile technique that can be used to decorate many items such as umbrellas, neoprene coolers, and hats. Come learn the simple transfer technique that will let you use screen printing inks to decorate a greater number of items.

Screen Printing III – Design

Screen printing is a versatile technique but it is only as good as the design. Come learn the basics of using design software to turn any image into a screen printing design. In addition, you will learn tricks of the design software to allow you to create the most unique and professional looking designs. You don’t need to know CorelDraw, but you should be confident on computers and know the basics of working with images.

Garment Inkjet Printing I – The Basics

Come learn how to upload images into the Garment Printer software and optimize your print. Learn all the basics of how to load your garment, upload an image, and how to optimize the print to get the best look possible.

Garment Inkjet Printing II - Image Design

The Garment printer is incredibly easy to use, but anything you make is only as good as your uploaded image. Come learn how to optimize your image, choose your garment, bag, or other item for best image quality, and see how the printer can be used for unique items like canvas shoes.

Pad printing I – The Basics

Learn how pad printing works, which types of items you can print on (ceramic, plastic, metal, glass, etc.) You will also learn how to optimize your design to get the best print possible, how to upload the design to the laser for etching of your printing plate, and how to print your products.

Ceramic Decal Printing – The Basics

Learn how to design a decal for printing, and how to apply the decals to different items. Learn how to optimize your image for the best color choices for the technique, and how to choose the best type of item for decal printing.

Heated Ink Transfer – The Basics

Learn the basics of how to heated ink transfer works, and why it works on certain items and not others. Get a tour through all of the items (over 150!) that you can make using this technique and learn how to use the templates for each item to create your unique masterpiece. Learn which images work best and how to optimize your image to give you the best end result.

Embroidery – The Basics

Learn how to design an embroidery project. Get to know the different techniques that can be used including basic embroidery, 3D Puff, Tackle Twill, and specialty threads.

Specialty Classes

We want you to be successful in your creative endeavors and we know that there is much more to living a creative life than just being creative. We offer some classes that will help you bring your creativity to life. New classes will be added all the time.

Small Business Basics

Logo Development

Starting Your Own Etsy Shop

Marketing with Promotional Products

Maker Classes

We will design and make these special items together and Craftworks Staff will be there to help you through it. The cost of the item applies. These classes are only offered periodically.

Laser Etched Slate Cheeseboard

Christmas Dishes

Easter Eggs

Halloween Dessert Plates

Christmas Giving Plate

Glow in The Dark Secret Embroidery Message Hat

Embroidered Stuffed Animal

Back to School Laundry Bag

Lunch Bag

Family Crest Glasses


Grocery Bags

Embroidered Easter Baskets

Embroidered Christmas Stockings

Upcoming Events

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