Our 12-color embroidery machine allows you to create any design, logo, monogram, or text on bags, t-shirts and sweatshirts, jackets, flags and banners, hats, napkins, pillowcases, and much more.

You can use already loaded images and fonts to create your design directly in the easy-to-use machine software; or use PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to create your own design that we we’ll help you upload to the embroidery machine. Then we will load your item onto the machine and you can sit back and watch your idea take shape! It’s as simple as pressing “Start!”

Pad Printing (COMING FALL 2017)

Pad printing takes an image that has been etched onto a steel plate, floods the image with ink, and then transfers that ink image onto just about anything, regardless of size or shape. You can use pad printing to print on golf balls, mugs and glasses, koozies, pens, bags, sunglasses – just about anything you can think of. The technology also allows you to get very fine detail on very small items.

Direct Ink Transfer (Sublimation)

Sublimation can be used to transfer any image onto a specially-coated blank product. This technique uses a printer with special inks to create a full-color image to be placed on the blank. Then, just add heat and the ink in the image migrates into the coating on the blank. The images can have fine detail (like a photograph) and vibrant colors. Once you have the artwork finished – and you can use almost any software you want -- the whole process takes only a few minutes. With sublimation, you can make full-color phone cases, food-safe drinkware and tableware, bags and wallets, socks, t-shirts, puzzles, jewelry boxes, flip-flops, trailer hitch covers . . . just about anything!

Garment Printer (Direct-to-Garment, DTG)

A DTG printer works just like any other printer – all you need to do is set up your image and push “print.” You image is then applied to your fabric just like any other inkjet printer and you can print full-color images of any kind. This technology works best on 100% cotton fabrics, making it the best way to create sharp and crisply-colored t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, canvas shoes, and napkins. The DTG printer works more slowly -- it takes about 10 minutes to finish a full color t-shirt -- so it’s best for small batches.

Screen Printing

You’re probably familiar with this one: screen printing is used to transfer ink to any fabric surface, making it the tool of preference to make vibrant T-shirts quickly and inexpensively. You can use one of our templates and modify it look exactly the way you want it, or you can create your own design. However you do it, we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll even do the hard part for you first, by printing out your screens, lining up all your images, and preparing the ink. The rest – the fun part – we’ll leave to you and your friends: simply drag a squeegee over the image to press the ink through to the shirt – it’s that simple, and your shirts, bags, sweatshirts, or banners will look professionally made!

As with all of our techniques, we can train you on the spot, or you can take a class to learn even more about how to bring your colors to life.

Laser Etching (COMING WINTER 2018)

Now this is high-tech! You can use the laser to etch a design, image, or text onto just about any surface. Once you have your artwork completed, just upload the image to the laser (don’t worry: we’ll help you) and we’ll put your blank item in the laser. Then all you need to do is push “print” and sit back and watch the magic. You can use the laser to etch glasses, decanters, metal flasks and travel mugs, blankets, wooden cutting boards, cuff links, and much more.

Water-slide Decals (COMING FALL 2017)

The water-slide decal process allows you to decorate any ceramic, porcelain, or glass item with full-color images, graphics, and text. Photographs, paintings, vibrant colors, fine print . . . it all reproduces perfectly. Once your artwork is completed, simply print it out on decal paper using one of our specially-fitted printers. Your decal is then applied to the ceramic or glass item – exactly like the model kit decals you might’ve done as a kid – and then the item is kiln fired at very high temperatures that burns off the decal paper and leaves the image behind. This creates a very durable image that is dishwasher and microwave safe -- and our inks are lead-free and food safe.

The kiln firing takes 24-48 hours, so you probably can’t use this technique if you are stopping in to make a birthday gift for a party that you’re already late for!